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  • Day 1 - Beijing

    6/15/20125:56:49 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Took a 14 hour, direct, non stop flight from Toronto to Beijing. We flew EAST & arrived in China around 4pm. Stunnnnning hotel! Fabulous clean rooms. Now let me tell you about Beijing. 18 MILLION people in this city. The heart of the city consists of tiananmen Square & the Forbidden City, this is known as Ring Road 1. Beijing is a city made of 5 Ring Roads. We stayed in Ring Road 3 and thought, why are we not more downtown? Well let me tell you how brilliant they are NOT choosing a hotel in the heart of Beijing. The TRAFFIC!!!! Us North Americans have NEVER seen anything like this!!!!!!! First they drive insane!!!! Second, the traffic jams are UNreal! DAILY!!!! You know that one time you took the highway and there was an accident & you went a car length here & then a few minutes later, you moved a bit again..... well, this is Beijing daily rush hour! The day we went to the Great Wall ( out side of Beijing ) took us 3.5 hours to get OUT of the city!!!! Traffic is brutal! Shall we discuss the roads??? Traffic lights are only for cars and buses! Motorcycles, bikes, mopeds & pedestrians do NOT follow traffic lights! I'm surprised more people aren't killed crossing the streets there! Motorcylces on red lights go INTO oncomming traffic!!!!!! People cross BETWEEN cars & buses!! It's a different culture there! 

    Time to talk about Beijing itself, a huge relatively clean city. As I said, 18 Million people live here. When driving all you see is condo after condo after condo!!! When they build, there are 7-20 cranes building the exact same condo SIMUTANEOUSLY!!! I've never seen anything like this! Everyone hamgs their laundry to dry in the windows or outside their windows... 10, 20 stories up! Amazing, amazing, amazing the amount of condos there!!!

    That's all for now, more tomorrow!


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